Read online books Aquarium: The Career and Defection of a Soviet Military Spy [ePub / PDF]

Aquarium: The Career and Defection of a Soviet Military Spy - Read Online or Download Aquarium: The Career and Defection of a Soviet Military Spy by Viva Russum Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books

Read online Aquarium: The Career and Defection of a Soviet Military Spy.pdf PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Aquarium: The Career and Defection of a Soviet Military Spy Viktor Suvorov takes us inside the Aquarium Moscow headquarters of the GRU the super secret Russian military intelligence organization and rival of the KGB It is here that agents are brought to be trained disciplined and when necessary broken .

In shocking fashion Suvorov recounts the first day of training when he is forced to watch a film that shows a disaffected GRU agent being burned alive This is how the GRU reveals to its trainees that there is only one way out of the organization death Other GRU methods are as physically torturous as the viewing of that film is terrifying electric shocks used to punish a failure of memory being pushed off a speeding train hand to hand combat with death row prisoners recruited for their viciousness All are employed in the training of a top agent .

It is the agent s job once he is in the field to gather information in any way he can No source of information is too small or too banal Agents of the GRU are said to have attended every exhibition on the planet in the last fifty years from exhibits of military electronics and tanks to cats and flowers with one of their most successful missions carried out at an exhibition of Chinese goldfish Above all else loyalty to the GRU is stressed Agents are to trust no one and to be prepared to take even the life of a best friend for an act against the GRU Gradually Suvorov became disillusioned with the GRU and it was when he was forced to betray one of his best friends that he made up his mind to defect by Viktor Suvorov

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